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Our picture galleries

The Bisse de Trient

Picture gallery showing several Bisses of Valais 

This picture gallery is showing several Bisses of Valais. These pictures were taken during hikes along these watering channels.
Some explanation is required about these Bisses.
The Valais region is covering the Rhone valley from its source to its emergence into Lake Geneva. The part of Valais located upriver to the town of Martigny is very arid. This fact is a consequence of the geographical location of this valley that is surrounded by high mountains, and thus protected from meteorological influences.
The characteristic of the Bisses of Valais is that they are not only used for watering cultivation. They are also used to water the fields used for hay making. In fact, the draught would lead to the grass being “burnt” by the sun.
Since Valais is covering two linguistic regions, there is no surprise having several different designations for these constructions. In the French-speaking part, they take the name of Bisse or Meunière (for the channels built in the bottom of the valley). In the German-speaking part, they are called Suon, Süe, Wasserleitu or even Wasserfuhre.
The concept of Bisses hooked up along mountain slopes is not proper to Valais. One can find traces of similar systems in the region of Briançon. There are also on the island of Madeira, the well-known Levadas.
Farther from us, but closer in their concept, there are very similar channels to the ones of Valais in Kashmir, in Pakistan. There, they are named Gotsil.

There are 36 pictures in this gallery

The Lac de Combal

Mont Blanc Tour 

The Tour of the Mont Blanc is a mythical trekking passing by France, Italy and Switzerland. The landscapes are magnificent and very varied.
Traditionnally, the Tour du Mont Blanc is not done completely because 10 days are required to close the loop. This is the reason why one usually limits it to 7 days. In such case, one usually starts in les Contamines-Montjoie to end at le Tour. It is however worth to hike it in the opposite direction.
This pictures gallery shows some places of this TMB. The landscapes of the Tour du Mont Blanc are varied. It is what makes the appeal of this long distance hike. In fact, the wooded valleys of les Contamines and Swiss Val Ferret are contrasting with the bare landscapes of Beaufortin or mineral ones of the south side of Mont Blanc. These magnificent places have however one drawback: they are much visited.
These images were taken for the main part with an silver photo device, which explains the quality of these.

There are 137 pictures in this gallery

La Giète

Lower and Central Valais 

The Lower Valais covers the region aroun Martigny, the side-valleys around this town, as well as the left bank of the Rhone towards Lake Geneva. To the west of the Lower Valais, the mountains are on the border with France.
In the region of Bas-Chablais are the ranges of Cornettes de Bise (for which a part is on Swiss ground) and Dents du Midi. It includes notably the Val d'Illiez of which the most known resort is Champéry.
From the neighbourhood of Martigny are opening the valleys of Eau Noire (leading to Grands Montets) and of the Dranses (leading to the Ferret passes, to Grand Saint-Bernard and to the Fenêtre Durand).
Central Valais covers the region around the towns of Sion and Sierre. Of the most important side valleys one can mention Val d'Hérens and Val d'Anniviers. One is here in the Alps of Valais with the remarkable tops of Dent Blanche or Zinalrothorn.
The region is delimited to the north by the range of the Diablerets (that is still in the Alps of Vaud), and by the ranges of Wildhorn and Wildstrubel (in the Alps of Bern).

There are 68 pictures in this gallery

The Roches Blanches

The Jura range 

The Jura, in a geographical sense, starts at the mouth of Aar into the Rhine and continues on the north of the Swiss Plateau, to the place where the Rhone leaves the Basin of Geneva.
Although the creation of the rock of Jura is identical along the whole range, one finds very different landscapes depending on the place chosen. It is especially due to the difference of altitude. Thus, in the range of the Haut Jura, overlooking Geneva and on French ground, one finds the highest point of the whole range. The culminating top is however disputed because the two neighborng tops of Reculet and of Crêt de la Neige are diplaying an only 50 cm of difference of altitude.
Further to the North-East is the Jura of Vaud, containing the highest top of the Swiss Jura: Mont Tendre.
Following further the range, one finds remarquable and well-known locations, such as Creux du Van, the Chasseral and Weissenstein.
These images were taken during one-day hiking tours with and without snowshoes. They show the atmospheres that one can experience during these tours.

There are 84 pictures in this gallery

Villeneuve is at our feet

Prealps from Fribourg and Vaud 

The Prealps of Vaud and Fribourg cover a mountainous territory including roughly the Gruyère, the tops above Lake Geneva and the Pays d'en Haut.
Among the most famous places of the Prealps of Fribourg, one has to mention Charmey and Moléson. The hikes here are performed in the typical landscape of Gruyères. Further up, in the Pays d'En-Haut, are the famous villages of Rossinière and Château d'Oex.
Above the Lake Geneva are the Rochers de Naye and the villages of Les Avants and Glion. Doing a hike in this region, one will often see the lake as background.
In the Prealps of Vaud are the resorts of Leysin and Villars. A special mention has to be made for the region of Hongrin. Indeed, this region is beautiful and wild. But its access is restricted off season because of the exercises of the army.
The relatively moderate altitude of the Prealps lead to the fact that it is a region where it is possible to hike during an extended period during the year.
Further south, the Alps of Vaud, also presented in this gallery, include in patricular the tops of Dents de Morcles and Diablerets. The atmosphere here becomes more alpine and the altitude higher. Among the high places for hiking, one can mention the Pas de Cheville and Argentine.

There are 19 pictures in this gallery

At Unter Stoffelberg

The Valley of Engelberg and its opportunities for hiking tours and trekking 

This gallery is showing the region of Engelberg in an extended way. This region is located in Central Switzerland, to the South of Lucerne. It is lined up to the North by the Lake Lucerne and to the South by the Titlis range.
The images showed in this gallery were taken in the valley of Engelberg, which starts near the village of Stans. Some tops of the region can be easily reached and provide an unrivalled view onto the region of Central Switzerland. There is especially the Stanserhron that can be easily reached by lift. Here, the first section of the funicular has been kept and a ride with it remains an incomparable experience. Another top is worth mentioning even though it is more difficult to reach: Buochserhorn. This top, neighbouring Stanserhorn offers a view that is in my opinion wider than the Stanserhorn.
In the Valley of Engelberg there are also important places for Christians. Niederrickenbach and its church remains an important pilgrimage place. The Ex Voto of the church are evidences for it. The convent of Engelberg is also an important placce.
These pictures were taken during hiking tours in this valley, as well as during snowshoes outings.

There are 202 pictures in this gallery

At Rasa

Val Vigezzo 

Valle Vigezzo, also called valley of the painters is a region bordering Switzerland. Located on Italian ground, this valley is in some sorts the continuation of Centovalli which is located in Switzerland. This valley is easily reachable from Domodossola.
The pictures of this gallery were taken during trekking in the Alps of this magnificent valley. One shall notice important differences in image quality, resulting from the transition from silver to digital pictures.

There are 141 pictures in this gallery

The tombstone of Saint John of Rila

Gallery displaying the mountains of Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is a country with a very complicated history. The results are in various influences and in a complete change of scene.
As a destination for hiking, Bulgaria is also very interesting. In fact, the highest peaks of the Balkans are located in this country. One can mention the culminating point: the Musala.
Located at the north of Greece and Turkey, the Bulgarian cuisine is influenced by these countries. Thus, after a hiking day, one can recover eating succulent dishes.

There are 48 pictures in this gallery

Below Sirwolten

Gallery displaying the region of Simplon 

The Simplon pass is a very frequented passage. In fact a road of international importance as well as a train tunnel enables the painless crossing. The region of Simplon is thus only a passing point along the road.
It is however worth to stop and to perform some hiking tours. One will then discover wild pearls that are often little travelled.

There are 54 pictures in this gallery

Rowan berries

Snowshoes tours picture gallery 

This gallery shows images made during various snowshoes tours. These tours were made in the Lake Geneva region. Thus, the covered region is extending from Jura to Bas Chablais and the Prealps of Vaud, including Haute Savoie.
It shows also the various conditions that one can experience in mountains in winter, conditions that can range from a bright sun to a snowy weather. It also shows that nevertheless, a snowshoes stroll always possible.

There are 62 pictures in this gallery

One love festival

Albula - Bernina 

The region of Albula-Bernina is fascinating and interesting. On one hand, as one hikes in this region, one often comes across the railway line. This one showing a number of spectacular civil engineering structures, the hike provides some striking viewpoints.

On the other hand, it is convenient to hike in this region, since on can benefit from the train to shorten a tour or to come back from a destination.

There are 32 pictures in this gallery

View towards Älpergen

Picture gallery showing the hiking tours in the Göschenertal 

The images of this gallery are showing the valley of Göschenertal. This valley of Central Switzerland is located near Gotthard and starts from village of Göschenen. It is a magnificently wild region for those who know how to appreciate authentic landscapes.
The images showed were made during one-day hikes and during trekking in this valley, as well as in the lateral valleys of Göscheneralptal and Voralptal.

There are 80 pictures in this gallery

Torba and houses at Cimalmotto

Picture gallery showing the hiking and trekking possibilities in Tessin 

Tessin, in Southern Switzerland shows very different landscapes from those that can be seen in the North of the Alps. This can be explained by the climate difference which exists between both hillsides of the Alps. The climatic differences make it a privileged region for the spring or autumn tours or trekking.
The images of this gallery are showing regions such as Valle Maggia, Valle Bavona and Leventina. They are also invitations for touring in this magnificent region.

There are 110 pictures in this gallery

Above Schächental

Uri's valley 

This pictures gallery shows the part of the canton of Uri that is in the Valley of Reuss, in Central Switzerland. Of course, there are other lateral valleys of importance, but these are depicted in specific galleries.
These images were taken during hiking tours in the Alps lining the valley of Reuss.

There are 79 pictures in this gallery

On the Petites Croix path

The Salève and its hiking routes 

This important gallery shows the mountain of Salève. Some of these images are very classical and are showing well-known places of this mountain. Others show much more unusual and less accessible places.
Some of them were taken more than ten years ago during rock-climbing. However, most of them were taken during one-day tours.

There are 92 pictures in this gallery


Gallery displaying the Valley of Binn in Oberwallis 

The Valley of Binn is a side-valley of the Rhone valley which, in this region, is called Goms. Border zone to Italy, the region provides many possibilities to do hikes across the border.
The Valley of Binn is also well-known for its minerals and semiprecious stones. Sometimes, on the path, one can find quartz needles.

There are 221 pictures in this gallery

View onto the Val Laschadura

Gallery showing the Lower Engadin in Graubünden 

This region is located in Graubünden, at the south-east edge of Switzerland. The main valley, the Inn valley, flows towards Austria and holds a number of well-known villages such as St.-Moritz or Scuol.
This region also holds a true jewel of Switzerland: the National Park. It is the first park of this type that had been created in the Alps. It just goes to show that the landscape is authentic.

There are 32 pictures in this gallery

The first Laghetto di Muino

Mountain Lakes 

This pictures gallery shows various mountain lakes. Some of these images were taken more than 10 years ago, thus one shall notice a quality difference due to the fact that these images were silver based photos.
They were taken during hiking tours in the Alps of Valais, for the main part.

There are 47 pictures in this gallery

Last update: March 25th, 2021