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Around Lake Lucerne

CHF 950

Group size
Middle sized group
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4 days roaming

There are only a few lakes that are displaying such a diversity in scenery than the Lake Lucerne. This lake, located in Central Switzerland, is also the symbol of the creation of the Swiss Confederation. In fact, following the legend, the Waldstätten met on the Grütli meadow, overlooking the lake, in order to take the oath. It is also a lake with a complex geography made of steep walls plungin into the water, hidden coves and charming shores. This tour starting in Hergiswil (were a traditional glass house is located) will make us travel through varied scenery of Bürgenstock and Seelisberg. It will end, following the « Swiss Trail » that was created for the 700th anniversary of the confederation.

Departure Location
Train station of Hergiswil NW
Departure time
Please arrive by 10:00 AM
Return location
In Schwyz
Return time
Approximately 3:00 PM
Not Included

Day 1                                     Hergiswil – Rengpass – Stansstad

Hergiswil is a village that is located on the lake shore that has early seen a development because of its glass house. Originally, this one was located in the Entlebuch, in Flühli.
We will start in the center of the village to climb to the Rengpass, historical passage, since some artefacts from the bronze age were found. We will then go down along a magnificent path that some are thinking being very old, but which, in fact, was built by the polish internees during the last war.

(550m, 3h30, hotel)

Day 2                                     Stansstad – Bürgenstock cable car – Ennetbürgen – Buochs – Beckenried – Seelisberg

This is a tough day that is facing us. But do not panic, apart from the first section, some sections can be shortened depending on the tiredness, mood or weather. Sure, the trip is long, but magnificent. Starting in Stansstad, we will follow the lake shore in order to reach the Bürgenstock cable car. We will follow later the shore path in order to reach Seelisberg.

(1100m, 7h30, hotel)

Day 3                                     Seelisberg – Rütli – Bauen – Isleten – Flüelen – Sisikon

This day will be dedicated to the Swiss Trail. This trail was created in 1991 for the 700th anniversary of the Swiss confederation. Normally, this trail starts in Brunnen, goes around Lake Uri and « go back in time » in order to reach the Rütli meadow. In our case, we will first go down to this meadow and then climb back up to Seelisberg. A nice path will then lead us to Bauen, small village on the sore of the Lake Uri. The path will then more or less follow the shore, except on the other bank, near the famous Axenstrasse.

(650m, 7h, hotel)

Day 4                                     Sisikon – Morschach – Ingenbohl – Schwyz

On this last day we will reach Schwyz passing high above the lake. This way we will be able to reach Schwyz, passing nearby the Ingenbohl convent. It will be worth to contemplate the partician architecture of some of this village’s houses.

(600m, 4h45)