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Between biosphere, Emmental and lake

CHF 950

Group size
Middle sized group
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5 days roaming

The ones looking for strong contrasts will be served during this hike. Indeed, the route that I suggest here will start from Entlebuch, in the UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch park (whose goal is the preservation of the natural jewels that can be found in this region). Then, we will leave the Little Emme to go up the Waldemme valley. Then, via the Hilferepass, we will reach Marbach, the last village in the canton of Lucerne. Then, crossing the Rotmoos, we will reach the Zulg valley, which, unlike the Great Emme, flows into the Aare at Steffisburg. The last day will see us descend on the shores of Lake Thun after crossing the spectacular little Sichle pass.
We will also see what the cultural difference has had for consequence at the level of traditional development.

Departure Location
Train station of Entlebuch
Departure time
Please arrive by 10:00 AM
Return location
In Merligen
Return time
Approximately 3:00 PM
Not Included

Day 1                                     Entlebuch – Obermattegg – Schüpfheim

Departing from Entlebuch, we will gain height to follow the ridge line separating the Little Emme from the Grand Fontanne. Thus, we will be able to benefit from points of view on the summits of tortured forms of Risetenstock, Schimberig and Schafmatt. On the other side of the ridge, we can contemplate the very tormented landscape of the Napf region. Further on, we will go down to Schüpfheim to spend the night there.

(550m, 4h, inn)

Day 2                                     Schüpfheim – Lammschlucht – Flühli LU

In contrast to the previous day, we will find ourselves in a steeper environment since we will follow the course of the Waldemme to go up to Flühli. To do this, we will go up the gorges of the Lammschlucht. Before reaching Flühli, we will pass near houses bearing the name of Glashütte, which means “glass works”. Indeed, the Waldemme valley had seen an almost anarchic development of the glass business. It must be said that at that time, the region was rich in forests. The wood had been exploited outrageously, to the point that the inhabitants of the place were worried about the disappearance of their forests and had refused to see this development to continue. It was after this that the Hergiswil NW glassworks was created (in 1817).

(400m, 3h30, inn)

Day 3                                     Flühli LU – Hilferepass – Marbach

From Flühli, we will reach the Hilferepass, a pass separating the Waldemme valley from that of Ilfis. The pass is in the Entlebuch biosphere reserve because of the wetlands that deserve protection. The Ilfis is this river that flows through the village of Langnau and ends up flowing into the Great Emme at the height of Emmenmatt. Crossing the Hilferepass, we will also cross the watershed line between the Little Emme (which flows into the Reuss just below Lucerne) and the Greater Emme (which flows into the Aare just below Solothurn).

(550m, 4h30, inn)

Day 4                                     Marbach – Schangnau – Rotmoos – Innereriz

A quiet day awaits us since we will leave from Marbach to reach Schangnau, in the Emmental and climb to the Rotmoos. We will thus leave the land of huge meringues to reach a slightly more remote region. The Rotmoos is a place of raised bogs of national importance and we will have to be attentive to observe the typical flora of the marshes, including the sundews.

(550m, 4h, inn)

Day 5                                     Innereriz – Sichle – Merligen

This last day will not be the least. From Innereriz, we will reach the Sichle pass. The literal translation would be “the sickle” and indeed, the collar seen from afar, has the curvature of a sickle. At the pass, we will find ourselves wedged between the walls of the Sigriswilgrat and the Sibe Hängste (the seven stallions). Fortunately, descending the Justistal, the view of Lake Thun will offer us an increasingly welcoming landscape.

(700m, 5h30)