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Emme and Ilfis

And another day along the Trans-Swiss-Trail. Here, this relatively short and flat stage simply follows the Emme between Lützelflüh and Langnau.

The trail follows the river largely under the canopy of trees. The hike is therefore pleasant even if sometimes you come out of the undergrowth to have to walk along fields or meadows.

In Zollbrück, one walks a long way along a huge wood processing factory. One then can appreciate the very particular smells of wood.

Shortly after, one reaches the confluence of the Ilfis and Emme rivers and it is not long before one enters the sizeable village of Langnau im Emmental. The precision “im Emmental” is important because there are quite several “Langnau”. This toponym could be translated as “long meadow”.

Throughout the hike, you can see quite a few diversion canals. These are the remnants of a bygone era when the only way to obtain mechanical strength was to use mills. These were later replaced by force from steam and, later, electricity. The mills have mostly disappeared, but the canals have remained.

Distance: 14Km
Elevation: 110m
Duration: 3h

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