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Taubenloch Gorge and Montagne de Boujean

For a long time, I had heard about the Gorges du Taubenloch, either privately or following tragic events. So, I decide to go to have a closer look. In addition, I had often noticed while passing by Bienne, the Montagne de Boujean (Bözingenberg) and told myself that the viewpoint might be interesting. This is why I decided to cross from Biel to Granges, passing through the gorges and then along the crest of the mountain.

Departing from Biel train station, follow the main arteries of the city to reach the Suze (or Schüss). This river is channelled and straight at the beginning. But the pedestrian facilities make it a very pleasant walk. Higher up, you reach large locks which aim to divide the water of the Suze into three channels. Two of these channels were used to drive wheels intended for industry (wire rolling mill, watchmaking, mechanics) or to bring water for craft activities (tanneries, Indian factories, soap factories). The canals have remained, but the facilities for the use of water have disappeared: it is now easier to connect a machine to the electrical network.

Higher up, you follow the Suze through a recently renatured area. The facilities are nice, but I’m not sure I would like to live here: there are a few sections of canals where the water stagnates and that must contribute to a mosquito festival in summer.

Further on, and after crossing the main road, the serious things begin we enter the Gorges du Taubenloch (or Taubenlochschlucht). We are in a deep gorge through which passes the main road, the Transjuranne and the train. One would therefore expect to experience traffic noise. In reality, it is bearable: the roads and the railway line are higher above, and the crash of the water drowns out all the traffic noise. It is only in Frinvillier that it becomes much noisier because you are closer to the communication routes and the water is much calmer.

From Frinvillier, I followed the path leading to Haut du Mont and Bözingenberg. It was not the right choice: very noisy tests were carried out at the “Dynamic Test Center”. It would probably have been better to follow the road for a bit to further take a forest path leading to the Montagne de Boujean. From this place offering a beautiful view of Bienne and the surrounding peaks, I followed the ridge via La Bergerie to reach Romont BE. From this locality, a last small climb on the Neuban allows you to reach the edge of a quarry. It does not take long before descending towards Granges.

Itinerary: Biel – Taubenloch Gorges – Frinvilliers – Haut du Mont – Bözingenberg – La Bergerie – Romont BE – Dählengraben – Grenchen Nord
Distance: 21km
Altitude difference: 660m
Duration: 6h

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