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Via Stockalper

CHF 750.-

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4 days, radiating

The Stockalper trail is a historical trail that has been created since many years.

Its name refers to Gaspar Jodoc Stockalper, a trader that managed to build an important economical empire. Despite the fact that he had been discharged of all his rights following a kind of conspiracy, he has bequeathed quite a lot of buildings to the cultural heritage. Especially, one should mention the Stockalper tower in Gondo, alas seriously damaged during the landslide of the year 2000 and the « Alter Spittel », the former hospice located about one kilometer from the pass. This was also the place where travelers made a stop.

Departure/return Location
3907 Simplon Dorf, Switzerland
Departure time
Please arrive by 9:00 AM
Return time
Approximately 3:00 PM
Not Included

Day 1                                     Simplon Dorf – Gondoschlucht – Gondo

Although the Gorges of Gondo were not traveled at Stockalper’s time, the section of path crossing them is historical. In fact, it was during Napoleon’s reign that the current road was built. This one had to be wide enough, following the assignment, to let the guns pass by. It is also in these gorges that exist a fort built during first world war and extended during second world war.

(250m, 3h, hotel)

Day 2                                     Gondo – Zwischberge – Furggu – Simplon Dorf

Here we will travel the original trail of Simplon. In fact, before the 19th century and the building of the road across the Gorges of Gondo, the route of the Simplon Pass entered the Zwischberge valley, climbed the Furggu and reached Simplon Dorf. It is in the valley of Zwischberge that are the gold mines that made the news at the early beginning of the 20th century.

(1500m, 6h15, hotel)

Day 3                                     Simplon Dorf – Egga – Engiloch – Alte Spittel – Simplon Hospiz

The mule track between the village and the pass consists of section that are perfectly preserved. It is a pity that the noise of the modern road is so much noticeable. A bit further, we will reach the « Alter Spittel », the original hospice on the trail of the Simplon. The current hospice is in fact a garrison house built during Napoleon’s reign, at the same time that the road, in the meantime, sold to the congregation of the canons of Grand Saint-Bernard.

(670m, 3h, hotel)

Day 4                                     Simplon Hospiz – Taferna – Schallberg – Lingwurm – Brig

The path that is going down from the Simplon is magnificent. It avoids large sections of the road and goes down along the Saltina. Further down, one has to climb a couple of meters in order to reach Schallberg, since the gorges are impassable. After having crossed above the gorges, a smooth descent is waiting for us to reach Brig.

(300m, 4h)