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Lower Engadin and Swiss National Park

CHF 1200

Group size
Middle sized group
Next scheduled dates
5 days, from one location

Unterengadin is the most eastern part of Switzerland. This region is especially including the Samnaun, a valley which left bank is already part of Austria and the Val Mustaïr, which goes to Italy.
In this region are a certain number of well-known places. One can mention the Swiss National Park, among the first national parks created in Europe. One has also to mention the spa of Scuol, the castle Tarasp and the Silvretta, a mountain top on the border between Switzerland and Austria.
The mountains, here, have a very different look than elsewhere. Therefore it will be a true change of scene to hike in this region.
Moreover, the spa will make us forget the tiredness of the day.

Departure/return Location
Train station of Scuol
Departure time
Please arrive by 12:00 AM
Return time
Approximately 3:00 PM
Not Included

Day 1                                     Scuol – Lai Nair – Tarasp

The first touch with a region is very important. For this first outing, I propose to climb to the idyllic Lai Nair (the dark lake). This lake located in a peat bog displays a unique landscape. One says that it is a site of power.

(720m, 4h, hotel)

Day 2                                     Il Fuorn (Süsom Givè) – Fuorcla Funt S-Charl – Tamangur – S-Charl

This easy tour will lead us through sceneries of uncommon beauty and of exceptional wilderness.
We will cross God Tamangur, the legendary Swiss stone pine woods, in which certain exemplars have an estimated age of 800 years.
One says that Romantsch language will survive as long as this forest will exist.

(530m, 6h, hotel)

Day 3                                     Motta Naluns – Piz Clünas – Lai da Minschun – Piz Minschun – Motta Naluns

Piz Minschun is an important top located above Scuol. Climbing this top would be a real challenge starting from Scuol. Fortunately, we will take the cable car to gain a few meters of altitude.

(950m, 7h, hotel)

Day 4                                     Vallun Chafuol – Murtèr – Chamanna Cluozza – Zernez

It is unimaginable to go to the Lower Engadine and not take even a few steps in the national park.
Here, this wish will be fulfilled since we will leave Vallun Chafuol to reach the Cluozza hut.

(1200m, 7h, hotel)

Day 5                                     Along the Inn between Sur En and Scuol

Although the Inn is very present throughout the week, we do not have the opportunity to be able to rub shoulders with it so much. This is why, during this short half-day, we will hike along this torrent.

(330m, 3h)