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The valley of painters

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4 days from one location

Only a few people know the Val Vigezzo. Not because it is remote. Not because it is difficult to reach. But because one does not take time to stop.

The Val Vigezzo is in fact the “Italian part” of the Centovalli. Or rather, the continuation, on Italian ground, of the Centovalli.

The landscapes that exist there are very different from the ones of Ticino. Look at Val Maggia: steep gneiss hangs with few terraces that overlook a barren and stony valley bottom. Nothing like that in the Val Vigezzo only about ten kilometres away. Here, there are relatively gentle and afforested slopes. The fact that this valley has inspired so many vocations is not a surprise. This is the reason why it is also called the “painter’s valley”.

This valley is located not far from the insubrean line, this geological border that parts the African plate from the European one. Therefore, we will also have the opportunity to hike in Africa.

Departure/return Location
Piazza Emma Brindicci Bonzani, 28856 Villette (VB), Italy
Departure time
Please arrive by 12:00 AM
Return time
Approximately 3:00 PM
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Day 1                                     Villette – Zornasco – Costa di Faedo – Blizz – Londrago – Villette

The Costa di Faedo is a remarkable crest boarding the side of the Valle Vigezzo. It is an old moraine that parts the Melezzo Orientale from the Isorno torrent. Although it is covered with forests (Faedo means Beech), it holds some nice viewpoints onto Valle Vigezzo and Cannobina.

(700m, 5h, inn)

Link to the GPS track

Day 2                                     Rasa – Pizzo Leone – Alpe di Naccio – Rasa

On this day, I will propose a change of landscape. Even though the Pizzo Leone can be seen from the most tops of Valle Vigezzo, on can hardly imagine what beauties he can provide. In fact, this top overlooks the Lago Maggiore, with all it means.

(650m, 4h30, inn)

Link to the GPS track

Day 3                                     Fìnero – Pluni – Alpetta – Monte Torrigia – Pluni – Ronco – Crèves – Fìnero

The Monte Torrigia is not too spectacular, because of the trees that are growing up on its slopes. It has however a number of nice viewpoints onto Gridone, Valle Cannobina and Valle Vigezzo. Making a loop will prevent us from taking the same path for climbing than for descending. The descent will be done along a remaining of an old path, not known for most of the hikers.

(850m, 5h, inn)

Link to the GPS track

Day 4                                     Blizz – Monte Ziccher – Bocchetta di Sant Antonio – Cortignasco – Rodeggia – Blizz

The Monte Ziccher is a marvellous viewpoint facing Gridone. Its climb, although spectacular, does not display some major problems.

Descending, we will pass by Bocchetta di Sant Antonio, a path that links the Bagni di Craveggia from the Valle Vigezzo.

The returning will be done along a path that, although no longer mentioned on the maps, is still well visible on ground.

(770m, 6h)

Link to the GPS track