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The historical crossings of the Binn Valley

CHF 750

Group size
Middle sized group
Next scheduled dates
3 days roaming

Kaspar Jodok Stockalper is the figure that has influenced the most the crossing of the Alps starting from upper Wallis. Before he invested a lot of money to improve the reliability of the passage of the Simplon Pass, other passes were used to cross over the mountain. It is the case of Albrun, which is suspected to have been used already since the Bronze Age. We will take this pass to reach Italy. There, we will visit some beautiful lakes before returning crossing a pass with a beautiful scenery.

Departure/return Location
Village of Binn
Departure time
Please arrive by 8:00 AM
Return time
Approximately 3:00 PM
Not Included

Day 1                                     Before Simplon was Albrun

Simplon was, before the adjustments made in the 16th century, the most important passage between the upper Wallis and the Po plain. The only problem that existed with the crossing of this mountain pass was not at the highest point, but between Binn and Grengiols. There, the gorges of Twingi posed an especially tricky problem.

(1050m, 6h30, inn)

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Day 2                                     The Italian lakes

Of course there are the artificial lakes of Dèvero and Agàro. We will have followed the shores of one of them going down from Albrun.

There are however some lakes near Alp Buscagna. It is the latter that we will visit.

(770m, 5h, inn)

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Day 3                                     The red rocks

To return to Binn, we will take the “goat’s path”. It is, indeed, the name that is held by this passage that links Dèvero with Binn (Geisspfad). Was this mountain pass crossed by goats? It is possible. One can imagine that the section that is today equipped with rungs, was fitted out with a stone ramp.

Going down to Binn, we will make a small detour to have a look at Mässersee.

(780m, 5h30)

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