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The Gantrisch panoramic trail

The Gantrisch panoramic trail is a route along the long and wooded ridge at the front of the homonymous range. Officially, it starts from Gurnigelbad and ends in Zollhaus, in the Singine. It is this long ridge that prevents you from seeing the mountains of the Bernese Pre-Alps when you are at the Guggershorn.

Even though this ridge is forested, several viewpoints exist along it, particularly of the Swiss Plateau and the Gantrisch mountains.

Here, we had walked it in the opposite direction, starting from the Gurnigel Wasserscheide, easily reachable by public transport. In doing so, the route was shortened and allowed us to discover a part of this chain unknown to us. Above the Schwarzenbühlpass is the Gäggersteg, a footbridge path that was built following storm Lothar. This path not only allows you to realize how quickly the forest is recovering, but also to have pretty views of the Gantrisch and the top of the Sense.

As we follow the ridge, we see more and more of the Schwarzsee region. And it is only when you have almost reached Zollhaus that the view becomes more and more restricted. Next to the Zollhaus restaurant, you can take the bus which takes you back to Friborg and therefore to the main railway lines.

Route: Gurnigel Wasserscheidi – Selibüelsattel – Schüpfeflue – Süftenenegg – Schwarzenbühlpass – Gägger – Pfyffe – Horbühlpass – Hellstätt – Seite – Zollhaus
Distance: 15Km
Altitude gain: 460m
Duration: 5h

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