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Month: April 2023

Mountain scenery

Between Noiraigue and Boudry

I hesitated to call this article “Between shadow and light” but I changed my mind because it is probably not.

Mountain scenery

Let’s go to admire the Chess-flowers

As a result of my move, I anticipated that I would miss several non-tangible things. Among these, I must mention.

Mountain scenery

Between the Vallée des Ponts and Chambrelien

I particularly appreciate the Mont Racine region, because there are beautiful views of the lakes, the Swiss Plateau and the.

Mountain scenery

Taubenloch Gorge and Montagne de Boujean

For a long time, I had heard about the Gorges du Taubenloch, either privately or following tragic events. So, I.

Mountain scenery

The lost paths around Engelberg

Engelberg is certainly not an isolated case but, as I was often in Engelberg as a youngster, I can only.