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Mountain scenery


This is a beautiful destination in the Alps of Valais. Indeed, this almost 3000m high top offers a breathtaking view.

Mountain scenery

The top of Gantrisch

Why do I talk about the “top of Gantrisch”? The reason is that the toponym Gantrisch designates not only a.

Mountain scenery

The Vue des Alpes

As the weather was nice, we thought we would have to go hiking. At the same time, it was late,.

Mountain scenery

Descent to Kandersteg

Beyond the interest of hiking, the Bernese side of the Gemmipass is worth of interest both historically and geologically. It.

Mountain scenery

A climb to the Gemmi

The history of the Gemmi is fascinating because, despite the various studies that have been carried out, there are a.

Mountain scenery

The Gantrisch panoramic trail

The Gantrisch panoramic trail is a route along the long and wooded ridge at the front of the homonymous range..

Mountain scenery

The Hohgant

When with my parents we went to Engelberg, we often followed the road through Emmental and Entlebuch. In doing so,.


Saint-Pierre Island

Many times, I had passed by train along the shore of Lake Biel which allowed me to contemplate this strange.

Mountain scenery

The Monlési ice cave

The valley leading to Les Verrières from Fleurier is closed by a chasm separating the latter town from Saint-Sulpice. This.

Mountain scenery


The Stockhorn is a very surprising peak in the Gantrisch region. From the Jura and the plateau, it looks like.