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The Mont d’Amin

The Col de la Vue des Alpes is aptly named. Indeed, from the large car park of the pass, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of much of the Alps. If you follow the ridge starting from the pass, you can also find beautiful views, either going to the Tête de Ran or going the other way, towards Mont d’Amin. This top is also a nice destination for a hike, because you can make a loop through the Pertuis, especially since the route is obvious: you follow the crest to descend on the Pertuis and return by a vale.

At the start of the pass, one follows the marked trail leading to Mont d’Amin. The immediate proximity of the Col de la Vue des Alpes has two consequences: the noise of traffic is quite loud, and a few people venture along a section of the trail for the view. In fact, at the beginning, you are in a pasture from which you have a view of the Alps and of the Chaux-de-Fonds. Further on, you enter a forest that you only leave in the proximity of the summit of Mont d’Amin.

Near the top, there is an unusual view of Lake Neuchâtel and the Val de Ruz. However, trees prevent a completely unobstructed view.

From the top, follow the strip of meadow running along the crest. From these pastures, you can directly see the top of the Chasseral. Before reaching the end of the meadows, follow the marked trail down to the Cernil-Chollet. There is certainly a small trail (the Sentier des Chamois, not indicated on the map) that leads directly to the Pertuis, but on the descent it is not recommended.

When I arrived near the Cernil-Chollet, I was surprised by the strong smell of anise that could be smelled. When I looked closer, I realized that there was quite a lot of musk chervil there. I didn’t know it could be found in the Jura: the last time I saw it was on the Derborence side.

After a stretch of the road through the Pertuis (luckily there is very little traffic), take the marked trail, leaving the road at a bend, which climbs up to the Grande Berthière. The vale leading to this chalet is quite long and monotonous. However, it has the advantage of gradually regaining the altitude lost on the descent towards the Pertuis.

After this hut, follow a paved road that climbs up the ridge and returns to the trail used earlier.

Route: Col de la Vue des Alpes – Mont d’Amin – Le Putteret – Pertuis – Grande Berthière – Col de la Vue des Alpes
Distance: 14Km
Altitude gain: 580m
Duration: 4 hours

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