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This is a beautiful destination in the Alps of Valais. Indeed, this almost 3000m high top offers a breathtaking view of most of the surrounding mountains, be it those of the Bernese Alps with the Bietschhorn, the Gotthard Massif with the Galenstock or the 4000 of the Valais Alps. The Lagginhorn and the Weissmies, as well as the Mischabel mountains, can be seen across the valley. At the end of the valley, you can see the Klein Matterhorn and the Breithorn, and further south-west you can also see the summit of the Weisshorn.

From Moosalp, you start by following a road leading to the slope where the ski lift of Unterrat is located. After passing this slope, you climb the crossing the hillslope to reach the ridge at Arb. Here, there is a small plateau inviting to relax.

Beyond this, the trail becomes steeper and more rugged. It is only at the start of the Grat that the terrain becomes more and more flat until you reach the foot of the March. It is possible to climb this small peak and follow the entire ridge across the Augstbordhorn. It is also possible to cross the hillside to reach the same ridge just below the March. This is the option we followed.

The continuation of the ridge, which is steeper and more mineral, is not a major concern. There are one or two places where you need to find your route, but it is safe. Once you reach the corner where the signpost is, you only need to follow a tiny stretch of ridge to reach the top. It is worth spending some time on the top, as the view is magnificent.

For the descent, we followed the same route to Arb, where we followed the other marked trail. However, we left the marked trail to go straight down to the Moosalp.

Route: Moosalp – Grat – Gretji – Augstbordhorn and return
Distance: 11.5Km
Altitude gain: 1020m
Duration: 5h

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