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The Mont Aubert

Driving along the shore of Lake Neuchâtel between Grandson and Bevaix, you can see above you, the crest of the Jura. If you are not careful, you get the impression that the crest you see is just one single anticline. A closer look and, above all, a look at the topographic map reveals that the first ridge is separated from the main range and forms a hump on which Mont Aubert is located. This fact is clearly visible when you are on the shores of the lake, on the quays of Neuchâtel.

Here, we started from the shooting range Les Rochats, because we didn’t want to hike too long (which would have been the case if we started from Mauborget). If one searches the web for information about the shooting range, one sometimes finds information that the shooting range is abandoned. That is not the case, and it is imperative to consult the army’s firing notices, otherwise the plan one had in mind could be completely turned upside down.

From Les Pâquiers, we followed the road to Môtiers for a long bit, until we found the signposted path that goes up towards Mont Aubert. We then crossed the Joux de Corcelles diagonally to reach the Serroliet pastures. There, the heifers, who must have been bored not to see anyone during the day, followed us to the passage through the fence beneath Mont Aubert.

For a long distance, we crossed a succession of pastures and woods to reach Sur la Roche. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite as forecast, and the fog couldn’t clear. It’s only a postponement, as the view from Sur la Roche looks very promising. You are above the rocks you see when you walk along the shore of the lake.

On the way back, we went up to the restaurant of Les Gélinottes to take a small path through the woods to reach a good road. At the exit of the forest, at Cavasson, we followed a forest path crossing the Joux de Mutrux. After crossing Les Banderet Meadows, we reached the road leading back to the shooting range.

Itinerary: Les Pâquiers (Les Rochats shooting range) – Joux de Corcelles – Petit Serroliet – Grand Serroliet – Sur la Roche – Les Gélinottes – Joux de Mutrux – Les Prés Banderet
Distance: 10Km
Altitude gain: 350m
Duration: 3h

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