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The Stockhorn is a very surprising peak in the Gantrisch region. From the Jura and the plateau, it looks like a vertical rocky tooth. Its profile looks like a sharp spire. One wonders how it is possible to get to the top. However, despite appearances, it is easy to climb, because since the late 1960s it is easy to reach by cable car. The location of the summit is reminiscent of Pilatus, although it is only accessible from one side. It is therefore a magnificent destination in the foothills of the Alps.

On that day, we had taken the first section of the cable car, which takes us to the intermediate station of Chrindi. The customers of this cable car are surprisingly diverse. Among the guests you will find people who will take the second section of the cable car, fishermen who will feel the dowel on the Hinterstockensee and hikers. For this reason, and even though there is a direct path to the top, it is worth following the detours.

From Chrindi we first climbed to Oberbärgli, a chalet near which we find mostly heifers. Then we followed the climbing trail to the Laseberg. Even if the terrain is not very difficult, it is worth looking for the markers and finding the best line because the trail is not always well marked on the ground. At the Laseberg we were delighted by a magnificent view of the town of Thun and the Bernese Alps, and we can only recommend the ascent.

To climb to the Stockhorn, we descend to a small pass above Chummli. Here, the terrain gets steeper and steeper before reaching the ridge not far from which we join the classic trail to the summit. After a visit to the summit, in the presence of many people, we descended to take the trail that crosses below the summit and leads to the Strüssligrat. This ridge, which is quite steep in places, can be easily descended. Below, we see the next destination. But you must follow the trail back to the Oberstocke alpine pasture. Here, a good trail descends towards the lake.

Once on the shore, we climbed up to Oberstocke to follow the most direct path to the intermediate station of the cable car. We didn’t know that there is a direct downhill trail from the Cheibehore to the small pass above the Hinterstockesee. If that had been the case, we would certainly have opted for this small summit.

Route: Chrindi (intermediate station) – Oberbärgli – Laseberg – Chummli – Stockhorn – Strüssligrat – Oberstockesee – Vorderstocke – Chrindi
Distance: 11Km
Altitude gain: 980m
Duration: 5h

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