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Going down from Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane

There are destinations in the canton of Neuchâtel that are situated between the lake and the mountains, and getting there offers striking contrasts. Moreover, the places, situated on the slopes of the mountains, offer hikes with little altitude gain. And if you start high enough, you can enjoy interesting views onto the lake and the plateau. The only drawback is that roads sometimes means that one must hike along a road.

Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane is in the Val de Ruz, underneath Mont Racine. You are thus high enough to enjoy a view of the Plateau and the Alps. Especially since from the train station, you first must climb up a little to reach the Louverain farm. You then have beautiful views of the Chasseral and the Plateau.

Further one must go downhill through the forest of Rasereule to Montmollin. Here, the trail follows the railway line to the abandoned Montmollin-Montezillon stopover. After passing through the village, one follows another trail through the Forêt de Dame Othenette. It is not long before you reach the road from Neuchâtel to the Val de Travers. Fortunately, you only cross it before continuing through fields and woods until you arrive in sight of the incineration plant.

Here again, it is not a matter of going down to the factory, but of crossing the forest to reach Bôle. The crossing of this village is done along pleasant, little-travelled paths. 

Further down, you cross the Merdasson valley and soon you reach the Boudry station.

Itinerary: Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane – La Rasereule – Montmollin – La Prise-Imer – Cottendard – Bôle – Boudry
Distance: 9.1Km
Altitude gain: 100m
Duration: 2h30

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