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Crossing to the Hauts-Geneveys

An interesting variant of the crossing from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Les Hauts-Geneveys is, instead of passing at the Reymond and Boinod, to reach L’Abbaye at the end of the Sagne Valley.

We then pass through the cluse under the Roche aux Cros. From there, we reach Petite Corbatière by climbing the small, rather monotonous valley. In the off-season, we can cut through the pastures without having to reach Petite Corbatière. We then reach Crêt Meuron and pass under the ski lift from the Sagne Valley.

Once past Crêt Meuron, you can easily reach the Col de la Sauge (now called Tête-de-Ran on national maps).

For the descent to Les Hauts-Geneveys, I had followed the signposted trail leading to the start of the Gollières ski lift. On the day I made the hike, the cables and pylons were still in place. They have been taken down in the meantime.

Itinerary: La Chaux-de-Fonds – Bois du Convent – Grandes-Crosettes – L’Abbaye – Roche au Cros – Crêt Meuron – Col de la Sauge – Les Hauts-Geneveys
Distance: 11.9Km
Altitude gain: 480m
Duration: 3h30

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