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Combe de Biaufond and Le Cul des Prés

The first time I heard about the Combe de Biaufond was a few years ago, because we had planned hike it. However, at that time, due to landslides, it was strongly discouraged from going up the Combe de Biaufond because the trail was officially closed. Since then, I have walked it a few times.

Here, I was going to test the mountain gear because a few days later I was going to Chile and Bolivia. I had to make sure that the gear would hold the road. At the same time, I didn’t have enough time to do a long hike. So, I decided to go to the Combe de Biaufond.

This day, I had gone a little further to the Cul des Prés, a small pond that is quite surprising, since it is located along the Ronde, whose flow is very variable. Another curiosity is the fact that the Combe de Biaufond lies exclusively in the territory of the Canton of Bern. In fact, this canton forms a kind of peak that goes almost as far as Biaufond. That is why the border between the cantons of Neuchâtel and Jura is only 250m long, part of which is in Lake Biaufond.

Starting from Biaufond, when you go up the Combe, you move in an environment that becomes more and more constricted until you pass a first narrowing. At this point, the Combe de Biaufond changes direction and goes up towards a second constriction. Again, it changes direction again before the trail must climb a steep slope on stairs. At this last tightening, there is a lot of garbage on the ground. I guess it must have been carried away during La Ronde floods. But it’s quite disgusting.

After climbing the stairs, it is worth to walk the 200m that separates from the Cul des Prés pond. The place is very beautiful, which is why there is a barbecue hut. In summer, I imagine that you must get there early to take advantage of the place.

On the way back, I went up to the Bas de Brandt. The trail above the Combe de Biaufond is very good. It is only in the meadows of the Bas de Brandt that one finds an often-muddy trail. Fortunately, at that time of year, it was easy for me to avoid the mud.

The descent to Biaufond does not pose any problems as you follow a good stretch of forest road. Just above the Biaufond customs, you can follow a small path with stairs to avoid making the detour past the border bridge.

Route: Biaufond – Combe de Biaufond – Le Cul des Prés – Bas des Brandt – Biaufond
Distance: 6.7Km
Altitude gain: 360m
Duration: 2h15

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