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The Gorges of Perrefitte

From time to time, it is good to change the area as it allows you to discover different landscapes and new vistas. Here, we decided to go to the Moutier area for a short hike.

The idea was suggested to us by an acquaintance, and we wanted to see to what extent this hike could be done with children.

We went to Perrefitte, which is just after Moutier, on the road leading to Le Pichoux. In Perrefitte, there is a parking lot large enough to be able to park without problems.

Since we wanted to hike a loop, we first climbed the Combe Fabet. This small valley is very picturesque, and we start by crossing a lock before climbing between two rock faces. These faces are quite peculiar because they are hollow and bumpy. This is due to significant differential erosion.

Although there were traces of water, the bottom of the vale was dry. But I can imagine that in the event of heavy rain, there should be water. This is evidenced by the fact that the trail had to be redeveloped recently due to flooding.

At the exit of the valley, we cut through woods to reach the Pâturage de Moron, which we crossed. At the exit of the pasture, we then descended towards Plain Fayin, where we bypass the meadow. Below the meadow, the trail descends quite steeply towards La Chalière.

At first, you walk along the water flow and wonder what makes the gorge so spectacular. It is only lower down the stairs beside the water. The site is very nice and must be frequented in the summer as there are many fire sites.

Itinerary: Perrefitte – La Combe Fabet – Pâturage de Moron – Plain Fayin – Les Gorges de Perrefitte – Perrefitte
Distance: 7.8Km
Altitude gain: 340m
Duration: 2h30

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