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Mountain scenery[

The pass of Surenen

The Surenen mountain Pass (or Surenenpass) hiking destination has been described many times. One can therefore refer to the various.

Mountain scenery[

Climbing the Arniloch

Arniloch, or also called Arni-Tobel is a popular destination for those looking for a bit of freshness in the middle.

Mountain scenery[

Above Engelberg

I have hiked this described route times and despite the repetitions, I cannot get tired of doing this hike again..

Mountain scenery[

Plan des Roses and Lac de Téné

The Alpine passes almost all have one thing in common: it is not so much the passes themselves that posed.

Mountain scenery[

From Chambrelien to Ponts-de-Martel

Les Tablettes is a destination of choice in the Neuchâtel mountains. Indeed, these rocks form a promontory at the entrance.

Mountain scenery[

The Sun Trail

The route presented here was in the past called “the South Ramp of the Lötschberg”. This route started from Hohtenn.

Mountain scenery[

Monts Chevreuils

The destination that I am going to present to you here is interesting in many ways. It is a summit.

Mountain scenery[

Through the Gorge of the Engelberger Aa

The Engelberger Aa Gorge is located below the village of Engelberg in a steep and narrow section of the valley..

Mountain scenery

The nostalgia paths

After the floods during the year 2015, the path through the Arni Tobel was closed for quite a while. Then.

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