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Saint-Pierre Island

Many times, I had passed by train along the shore of Lake Biel which allowed me to contemplate this strange.

Mountain scenery

The Monlési ice cave

The valley leading to Les Verrières from Fleurier is closed by a chasm separating the latter town from Saint-Sulpice. This.

Mountain scenery


The Stockhorn is a very surprising peak in the Gantrisch region. From the Jura and the plateau, it looks like.

Mountain scenery

The Mont d’Amin

The Col de la Vue des Alpes is aptly named. Indeed, from the large car park of the pass, you.

Mountain scenery

The Mont Aubert

Driving along the shore of Lake Neuchâtel between Grandson and Bevaix, you can see above you, the crest of the.

Mountain scenery

The Lac de Soi

The northwestern slope of Les Dents du Midi in the Val d’Illiez has a small number of mountain lakes. These.

Mountain scenery

Bunderchrinde, a very old story

The Bunderchrinde, even though the name is not very eloquent, is a pass connecting Adelboden and Kandersteg. It is located.


The Via Jura from Delémont to Moutier

This stage (the fourth) of the Via Jura is a big stretch. The Via Jura is the route that crosses.


On the Via Jura between Laufen and Delémont

Many times, I had travelled by train along the Birse River to reach Basel. Since then, I had planned to.

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