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Mountain scenery

The Crêt de la Neuve starting from Marchissy

Following my attempt, the previous month (see Les Echadex – Destination Montagne), I decided to try this hike again. Meanwhile,.

Mountain scenery

Les Echadex

I had often gone for a hike in this sector of the Jura Vaudois, whether without snow, or in winter.

Mountain scenery

Les Frasses

The toponym of Frasse is quite common in French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France and it can have two meanings: either.

Mountain scenery

The Crêt de la Neuve

Should we say La Neuve or A Neuve? I couldn’t find a plausible explanation. Anyway, the summit located right next.

Mountain scenery

Pré Nouveau and Mont RouxLe Pré Nouveau and Mont Roux

Here is a short hike that I have done many times, especially in the winter. This takes place in a.

Mountain scenery

The site of the dinosaur’s tracks

I had not been to the Emosson le Vieux dam since a long time. In other words, the last time.

Mountain scenery

Attempt to the Pointe d’Orny

A few decades ago, when one aimed to get to the Cabane du Trient, one had to reach the glacier.

Moutain scenery

Climb to the Orny hut

The climb to the Orny hut is an undertaking that can be made less arduous by using the Breya chairlift..

Mountain scenery[

The pass of Surenen

The Surenen Pass, a historic passage between the Valley of Engelberg and the one of Uri, is worth a visit..

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