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Mountain scenery[

Plan des Roses and Lac de Téné

The Alpine passes almost all have one thing in common: it is not so much the passes themselves that posed.

Mountain scenery[

The Sun Trail

The route presented here was in the past called “the South Ramp of the Lötschberg”. This route started from Hohtenn.

Mountain scenery

The climb to Routia

When one goes up Valais, whether by car or by train, one will certainly notice the large, slightly tortured rock.

Mountain scenery

The site of the dinosaur’s tracks

I had not been to the Emosson le Vieux dam since a long time. In other words, the last time.

Mountain scenery

Attempt to the Pointe d’Orny

A few decades ago, when one aimed to get to the Cabane du Trient, one had to reach the glacier.

Moutain scenery

Climb to the Orny hut

The climb to the Orny hut is an undertaking that can be made less arduous by using the Breya chairlift..

Wilere, Binn

Second day on foot from the Rhône to the Maggia

The 1999 edition of the book “A pied du Rhône à la Maggia” suggests performing the journey in 6 days..

Zehndenratshaus Ernen

First day on foot from the Rhône to the Maggia

This hike was inspired by a book by a writer from Romandie: the book “A pied du Rhône à la.