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The site of the dinosaur’s tracks

I had not been to the Emosson le Vieux dam since a long time. In other words, the last time I went up to the dinosaur tracks, the trail ran along the left bank of Lac du Vieux Emosson. At the height of the dam, one had to cross a gallery to follow the left bank before starting the climb towards the Col des Corbeaux.

After the raising of the dam at the end of the 2000s, the path now climbs on the right bank and directly joins the site with the traces.

Departing from Col de la Gueulaz, one first crosses the impressive Emosson arch dam and follows a small, paved road which leads to Vieux-Emosson. At one point, it is worth following a small path allowing to cut the lace that the road makes.

Once on the dam, one crosses it and follows the right bank of Lac du Vieux Emosson on the heights. Another little effort and one reaches the famous slab with the tracks. These traces are dated -245 million years ago, i.e., at the very beginning of the Mesozoic. Interestingly, for many people, the time of the dinosaurs is the Jurassic when it is the Mesozoic as a whole (which includes the Jurassic).

For the return trip, I came back via the Veudale Gorge. Even if to reach it one still has to climb a little, its route is worth the effort, because one is in a small world apart. Near the Tête du Largey, one finds the road taken during the climb.

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