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Attempt to the Pointe d’Orny

A few decades ago, when one aimed to get to the Cabane du Trient, one had to reach the glacier below the Cabane d’Orny and reach the section above the cracked part. So, to get to Trient, one had to be equipped for the glacier: ice ax, crampons, harness, and rope.

With the melting of the Orny glacier, it is now possible to reach the Cabane du Trient without having to walk on the glacier. One also should carefully consult the map, because one might tend to follow a nice path that goes down to the glacier.

From the Cabane d´Orny, follow a well-marked path that goes around Lake Orny in a wide loop to the north, to cross the slopes under the Aiguilles Tourelles. A small passage through the old moraine is a bit tricky and requires a good balance. A little further on, one walks alongside a small lake left by the glacier before climbing through the glacial polished rocks. This is the most delicate passage: one must climb a small wall leading to a ledge. Higher up, the path crosses above the glacier with a slightly aerial step (reminding of the one near the Breya, but without the vegetation). It does not take long to go around the corner and reach the Cabane du Trient.

From the Cabane du Trient, it is worth climb to the neighboring Pointe d´Orny. Of course, the terrain changes, since one no longer has a trail, but one must make one’s way through the big boulders. A few vague tracks indicate the easiest route. At the top, the view is panoramic and rewards the effort.

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