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Second day on foot from the Rhône to the Maggia

The 1999 edition of the book “A pied du Rhône à la Maggia” suggests performing the journey in 6 days. In doing so, one would end up with very unbalanced trips. Indeed, by sleeping at the Binntalhütte and the Rifugio Margaroli, one would end up with two relatively short trips (Binn-Binntalhütte and Rifugio Margaroli-Pomatt). Ideally, one should be able to spend the night at Alpe Forno Inferiore (which is the place that I identify as the one where the protagonists slept … with the shepherds). Apparently there is a bivouac (Bivacco Alpe Forno), but I couldn’t find any other information. I arranged this day a bit by starting not from Binn, but from Brunnebiel (postbus from Binn – reservation required) and shortening by taking the Sagersboden – Valdo chairlift (operates from 8:00 to 11:30 and from 2 : 00 to 17:00 in season)

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