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Third day on foot from the Rhône to the Maggia

The 1999 edition of the book “A pied du Rhône à la Maggia” suggests making the journey in 6 days. There, I had decided to do it over 4 days. Whatever one decides to do, the stretch between Pomatt (Formazza) and Bosco / Gurin cannot be so shortened. The only way to make it shorter would be to go up to the Guriner Furggu, a little lower in altitude, and join the Grossalp where one could spend the night … or go down by chairlift.
In the 1999 edition of the book, there is strong emphasis on the name of Hint Furka to designate the mountain pass borrowed by the protagonist. By consulting the Siegfried map (which was topical in the 1950s), we see that the pass is mentioned as Hint.-Furka, which would correspond to Hintere Furka (Hendar Furggu in dialect, conforming spelling which has been used on modern maps).
One should also mention the Walser hotel which is probably the one where S. Corinna Bille had spent the night. She mentions there the furtive meeting with Plinio Martini who wrote several works describing life in the Valle Maggia (I recommend: Il fondo del sacco). It is interesting to note that Plinio combined two functions: schoolmaster in Bignasco and hotelier during the summer season.

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