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Between the Sense and Bern

The stretch of the Trans Swiss Trail arriving in the city of Bern plans to start from Laupen, therefore already in the canton of Bern. But for reasons of comfort, we decided to spend the night in Bösingen, a neighboring village in the canton of Fribourg. The choice was good, as the establishment was very welcoming, and the food was of good quality.

So, in the morning, we had to take a few more steps to reach the bridge over the Singine, just in front of Laupen. Unfortunately, we did not had time to visit this small town, but the few glances we got let us predict a nice place. A small visit should therefore be scheduled for a future occasion.

From Laupen, the trail follows the Singine and, even if there is the presence of flowing water, I must admit that it is very monotonous and this, until Neuenegg.

Further on, I feared that it would be just as monotonous, having often passed near Flamatt, whether by train or by following the motorway. But the Singine is far from the communication routes, and one find oneself in a serpent of greenery following the river. Below Thörishaus, one then passes under the railway bridge (and I will not see things the same way at all when passing there), and one then follows a section of the Singine until the Sensematt .

From there, one leaves the valley of the Singine to climb through a very pretty valley: the Scherligrabe. Altough it climbs more than along the Singine, but the landscape being more varied, one takes pleasure in sweating a little. The Scherligrabe is quite steep and shady at first, but when one reaches Grabenmühle, the valley opens more and more, and one get a wider and wider view. Above Mengestorf, one can enjoy the viewpoints over the Gantrisch region.

After having crossed the forest of Mängistorfberg, it does not take long before arriving in the suburbs of Bern, in Köniz. At first, the contrast is not too violent, but it is when one arrives in Hardegg after having bypassed the Liebefeld villa district, that one is attacked by the noise. It must be said that the Turnierstrasse, which one must cross, is terribly busy. It then takes a little more effort to get to Bern station… and take the train.

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