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Between the lakes and the Sense

The next leg of the Trans Swiss Trail is planned to start from Murten to reach Laupen, just across the cantonal border. However, we had arranged the trip a little differently. Indeed, there are accommodation possibilities in Murten, but they are either in the city center, which could presage a rather noisy environment, or on the shores of Lake Murten, with higher prices. Therefore, we decided to spend the night in Sugiez. In doing so, the two sections are a little more balanced (Portalban-Sugiez and Sugiez-Laupen).

Departing from Sugiez, one starts by following the Broye canal before following the shores of Lake Murten. Between Sugiez and Muntelier, the views of the lake are scarce, because of the reed beds. From this last locality, on the other hand, there are beautiful views of the lake, Mont Vully and the Chasseral.

Arrived in Murten, the route is planned to cross the old town. This choice is wise because the old town of Murten is beautiful. Once crossed the town, one reaches the train station and cross the road to Berne. I had travelled this road with my parents many times a long time ago (before the highways were built), but I could not recognize the place. It is true that on foot, the perception is vastly different from what one has from a car.

After crossing the road to Berne, one reaches a small stream whose banks are dotted with willows, partly cut into tadpoles. This traditional way of doing things had practically disappeared in the 70s and 80s. It is becoming fashionable again, and that is all the better.

One then crosses a part of the Canton of Bern to reach Craux. From there one can enjoy a last viewpoint over Murten and the lake. Further on, one enters a more rural environment, and the views are focused on the direction of the Fribourg Pre-Alps.

At Salvenach, one enters the Canton of Fribourg again, which on will not leave until the Sense.

The rest unfolds in various ways between forests, meadows, and fields until reaching Liebistorf. After a final crossing of the forest, one reaches the last houses of Kriechenwil. This is where one begins the descent towards the Saane, which one crosses on a small pedestrian bridge. From there the official path follows the Saane. However, we decided to spend the night in Bösingen, a short distance from Laupen.

Distance: 21Km
Altitude gain: 360m
Duration: 5h

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