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The Euschelspass

Well. There, has been some time now, but I had to tell the continuation of the journey along the panoramic path.

That day, we went to Jaun to continue our journey. The next stage leads to Lac Noir via the Col des Euschels. I had often heard of this pass, although one usually only passes by the village of Jaun to reach the homonymous pass. And yet, crossing to reach Lac Noir on foot is a worthwhile experience, especially if one makes the detour via the Brecca. Near the Euschelspass, one notices some very characteristic yellow rocks: it is dolomite dating from the very beginning of the secondary era.

From the village of Jaun, the trail follows the Allmendbach torrent, through the forest at the start, before ending up in the pastures. The path then is zigzagging before joining the road leading to the Ritzlialp. From this mountain restaurant, it only takes a little effort to reach the Col des Euschels.

Because of the wind that prevailed that day, we did not linger too long at the pass, but we went straight down.

At the Untere Euschels chalet, a path starts off to the left to cross the valley and the slopes of the ridge coming down from the Spitzflue. When crossing the slope, a small, unexpected passage exists: a small ladder to overcome a big step. One can then bypass this ridge to enter the Brecca valley (Breccaschlund).

In Rippetli one can choose to go down to the Brecca restaurant or to go a little further to the end of the Breccaschlund. Here, we had decided to go straight down, however making the detour via the Hubel Rippa and the Staldenloch.

Itinerary: Jaun – Euschelspass – Untere Euschels – Stierenberg – Brecca – Hubel Rippa – Staldenloch – Schwarzsee Bad
Distance: 13.5Km
Altitude gain: 700m
Duration: 5h

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