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Along the Jogne

The next stage along the Alpine Panorama Trail took us from Broc to Jaun. Finally, when I say took us, I should rather say, was supposed to take us to Jaun. Indeed, this sunny Sunday, traffic was heavy on the Col du Jaun road. Alas, the path, starting from Tzintre (Charmey), does not deviate very much from the road. The perceived nuisances are therefore particularly significant. In addition, the weather forecast predicted a risk of thunderstorms with severe potential that day. This is the reason why we cut short by stopping at Im Fang (it shortened the day by a little hour). We did well because, and we learned the same evening, a mudslide had later crossed the road at Charmey, the Gorges de la Jogne path must have been temporarily closed and the under-track passage of the station of Bulle had been under the water.

From Broc, the trail follows the road leading to the Col du Jaun. This first section, not very pleasant, is quite short. Just before crossing the bridge over the Jogne, a path turns right to enter the homonymous Gorges. One soon arrives at a lock where the path crosses galleries before changing banks on a footbridge. Further on, at another lock, another gallery has been dug and it is not long before one reaches the left bank again. One last climb and one arrives at the Montsalvens dam.

Once the dam crossed, the route runs along the Lac de Montsalvens on its right bank below the road. As the path evolves largely in the undergrowth, it is very pleasant to follow. A little further on, at the outlet of the Javro, a suspended footbridge leads to the Presqu’Île and up to Charmey.

To cross the village, the route follows the road but avoids at En Coppet to go up to the Communs de la Tzintre. After a small descent, one reaches the Jogne at the height of Sous les Vanels. From this point, the trail follows the Jogne (or Jaunbach) and the road at a little distance. As the valley is relatively narrow, one can hear the noise of the traffic.

The advantage, however, is that a bus runs regularly by the villages of the Vallée de la Jogne. It is therefore easy to cut short, for example in case of bad weather. This is what we did by taking the bus at Im Fang instead of going up to Jaun (or Bellegarde).

Itinerary: Broc – Gorges de la Jogne – Charmey – La Tzintre – Im Fang
Distance: 15,7Km
Altitude gain: 460m
Duration: 4h30

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