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The pass of Surenen

The Surenen Pass, a historic passage between the Valley of Engelberg and the one of Uri, is worth a visit. On the way up, one passes by the legendary place of the Blackenalp (where the legendary bull had faced the Greiss). In the descent, several variations are possible. The one via the Waldnacht follows the historic mule track. For the viewpoints, however, it is worth following the place called Grat.
To go down to Attinghausen, one can take the cable car to save one’s knees. It’s more relaxing, but then one misses the magnificent section of the Mettlen hollow road.
PS: The archaeologist (and traveler) Raoul-Rochette had, moreover, crossed this pass which he had then called: Col de Suresne (sic). Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi, during one of his trips through Switzerland, left us a pencil drawing of the Waldnacht mountain pasture.

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