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Climb to the Orny hut

The climb to the Orny hut is an undertaking that can be made less arduous by using the Breya chairlift. In doing so, one saves 700m of climb from Champex-Lac (thus 3 hours).

From La Breya, the path makes its way through the slopes, that are sometimes steep, overlooking the Combe d’Orny.

When one reaches the trail coming up from Issert, one gets a little respite, since one reaches a small, fairly flat basin.

Further on, one climbs towards the lateral moraine of the Orny Glacier and one soon sees the goal: the Orny hut.

Once there and there if is a little bit of the afternoon left, it is worth reaching the Col d’Arpette. This pass, difficult to cross from the other side, allows one to have a view of the Vallon d’Arpette, the Ecandies and the Clochers d’Arpette.

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