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Tag: Saint-Imier

Mountain scenery

Crossing the Chasseral from Saint-Imier to La Neuveville

The Combe-Grède is a surprising place. Apart from the fact that it is a Nature Reserve and a Federal Hunting.

Mountain scenery

On the Via Berna from Tramelan to Saint-Imier

The logical continuation of the previous day’s hike was to make the next stage of the Via Berna, between Tramelan.

Mountain scenery[

The Chasseral

Here is a hike that I did following, with a few exceptions, the one of January 4th of this year.

Mountain scenery[

Mont Soleil wind turbines

Since I moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds, I have been intrigued by the red lights in the distance that I see.

Mountain scenery[

The Chasseral from Savagnières

The Chasseral is the fourth highest peak in the Swiss Jura after Mont Tendre (1679m), Dôle (1677m) and Chasseron (1608m)..

Mountain scenery

The ruins of the castle Erguël

The ruins of Erguël castle The few times I had crossed the Vallon de Saint-Imier, I had noticed the ruin.