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The Chasseral from Savagnières

The Chasseral is the fourth highest peak in the Swiss Jura after Mont Tendre (1679m), Dôle (1677m) and Chasseron (1608m). It culminates at 1606m and offers an incomparable view of the Swiss Plateau and the Alps.

The summit can be easily reached in summer by driving up to the Hôtel du Chasseral. Then one must only follow the small, paved road, closed to traffic, to the top. But I would recommend doing the ascent on foot instead. In this case, one can start from one of the villages of the Plateau de Diesse. However, I would rather suggest climbing the northwest side because the surprise of the view is held until the last moment.

A great classic consists of climbing the Combe Grède, an impressive cutting leading into the Vallon de Saint-Imier at the height of Villeret. However, the Combe Grède is located in the homonymous Franc Federal District and it is essential to respect the restrictions relating thereto. In addition, some elements of the Combe Grède trail are dismantled in winter and the presence of ice could make the route very problematic, if not impossible. For this reason, this trail is subject to closure during the winter months. However, there are many other possibilities for climbing the Chasseral from the side of the Vallon de Saint-Imier.

One can, for example, go to the small ski resort of Bugnenets-Savanières. There is a large parking lot where one can leave one’s car (especially now, with the lack of snow).

By following the Chasseral road, closed in winter at the height of the Métairie des Plânes bus stop, it does not take long to reach this Métairie. In winter, it is probably advantageous to take the small path that climbs directly to Plan l’Egasse. However, one is then forced to follow a section of the paved road. But as traffic is not allowed there at this time of the year, this does not pose too many problems. In summer, I would prefer to follow the marked trail joining the Métairie de l’Egasse and passing over the bump to reach the Métairie de Saint-Jean.

From this place, the continuation appears clearly: in path goes up in scarf the slope under the rocks. After crossing the rocks, one reaches the small, paved road not far from the Hôtel du Chasseral. Then just follow this road to reach the summit, marked by a geodesic signal located a stone’s throw from the tower.

For the return, I started by crossing the rocks as best I could to cut the bend of the small road going up from the Vacherie de Nods. I then followed the marked trail which crosses a small pass near the Petit Chasseral and descends towards the Métairie de Morat. From this chalet, I followed the valley, quite long and monotonous down to Prés aux Auges. In doing so, I was able to follow the good path passing under the rocks of Egasse and joining the pastures of the Métairie des Plânes. Do not miss going to La Corne, a magnificent belvedere above Combe Grède.

Itinerary: Les Savagnières – Métairie des Plânes – Plan l’Egasse – Chasseral – Métairie de Morat – Pré aux Auges – La Corne – Métairie des Plânes – Les Savagnières
Distance: 12Km
Altitude gain: 600m
Duration: 4 hours

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