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The Chasseral

Here is a hike that I did following, with a few exceptions, the one of January 4th of this year (see: The Chasseral from Savagnières – Destination Montagne). Indeed, this time, the Col du Chasseral road was open to traffic. And since it was Ascension Thursday, there was quite a lot of traffic on this road, despite the windy weather. So, instead of following the road from Savagnières, I parked a little lower to follow the footpath. I also opted to pass by the Métairie de l’Egasse instead of the Plan l’Egasse because in doing so I avoided having to follow the road on a long section.

There were also quite a few people on the trails, many having taken advantage of the recent reopening of the Combe Grède trail to do this hike. Thus, from the Métairie de Saint-Jean, it was a quasi-procession that climbed to reach the summit of the Chasseral. Also, as a certain number had driven up to the Hôtel du Chasseral, we met quite a few people following the road to the signal.

The wind blowing in gusts, I did not really see myself picnicking on the ridge and I was hoping to find a somewhat sheltered place. I had also considered going to the Métairie de Morat to be able to find a warm place. Unfortunately, the refreshment bar was not open. Therefore, it was at the Pré aux Auges that I finally picnicked.

In the descent from the Métairie de Morat there is has a colony of marmots which, given the number of burrow entrances, must be quite large. I had the opportunity to observe one, not shy at all, which had remained at the entrance of its burrow. The dress of this marmot was quite unusual, since it had a caramel colour. Is it due to a mimicry in relation to the colour of the rock? I cannot say.

On the way back, I went by La Corne to be able to enjoy the view of Saint-Imier.

Itinerary: Les Savagnières – Métairie des Plânes – Métairie de l’Egasse – Chasseral – Métairie de Morat – Pré aux Auges – La Corne – Métairie des Plânes – Les Savagnières
Distance: 13.5km
Altitude gain: 640m
Duration: 4 hours

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