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Mountain scenery

On the Via Berna Bellelay to Tramelan

When I looked at the map of Swissmobile, I discovered that there was a long-distance hike route across Switzerland between.

Mountain scenery

Passing through La Porte des Enfers (The Gate of Hell)

For me, topographic maps are not only a planning tool, but also a way to escape by imagining how certain.

Mountain scenery

The Breccaschlund

The Breccaschlund is a magnificent destination in the Fribourg Prealps. Behind the Lac Noir open three marked valleys. The most.

Mountain scenery

Balisa and Berra

For this hike, I had decided to change the destination a bit to go to the Gruyère mountains. And I.

Mountain scenery

A tour in Gantrisch

The Gantrisch is a summit, but also a region to which the summit gave its name. This region extends between.


Mont Vully

Before talking about the hike of that day, I must clarify a point in relation to this destination. The Vully.

Mountain scenery

La Roche Plate and the Doubs

If we look at the national map online and display the network of marked trails, we realize that there are.

Mountain scenery[

The Chasseral

Here is a hike that I did following, with a few exceptions, the one of January 4th of this year.

Mountain scenery

The boundary path of Meix Musy

Between the Col des Roches and the Brévine, the national border follows the ridge for a good length passing by.

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