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Uphill and downhill

And one more day along the “Trans Swiss Trail”. The day before, we reached Worb where we spent the night..


Along the Aar

After the first few days along the “Trans Swiss Trail”, we continued the journey, this time starting from Bern. This.


Between the Sense and Bern

The stretch of the Trans Swiss Trail arriving in the city of Bern plans to start from Laupen, therefore already.


Between the lakes and the Sense

The next leg of the Trans Swiss Trail is planned to start from Murten to reach Laupen, just across the.


Along Lake of Neuchâtel

A few years ago, the Suissemobile Foundation started to promote long-distance hiking routes. At first, I was a little skeptical,.

Mountain scenery

The climb to Routia

When one goes up Valais, whether by car or by train, one will certainly notice the large, slightly tortured rock.


The Geneva vineyards and the Haute Chaîne du Jura

The canton of Geneva, even if it is not strictly speaking mountainous, offers beautiful hikes. Especially in the off-season, it.


Across the border at Sézegnin

This hike was inspired by the book “Guide de la découverte du patrimoine transfrontalier”, Slatkine editions, 2002 (out of print)..

Mountain scenery

Les Frasses

For this hike, I had followed the same route as the previous month. Even though I could have found snow,.

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