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Some destinations in the mountains of Neuchâtel

Thehike that I am going to present here crosses some emblematic places of the mountainsof Neuchâtel. Even if this hike.

Mountain scenery

Between Le Locle and Ponts de Martel

It is a beautiful mountain hiking destination that I suggest here. It is even more beautiful as it passes by.

Mountain scenery

The Gorges of Jogne

Among the emblematic destinations of the Fribourg mountains are the Gorges de la Jogne. This is explained by the fact.

Mountain scenery[

The pass of Surenen

The Surenen mountain Pass (or Surenenpass) hiking destination has been described many times. One can therefore refer to the various.

Mountain scenery[

Climbing the Arniloch

Arniloch, or also called Arni-Tobel is a popular destination for those looking for a bit of freshness in the middle.

Mountain scenery[

Above Engelberg

I have hiked this described route times and despite the repetitions, I cannot get tired of doing this hike again..

Mountain scenery[

Plan des Roses and Lac de Téné

The Alpine passes almost all have one thing in common: it is not so much the passes themselves that posed.

Mountain scenery[

From Chambrelien to Ponts-de-Martel

Les Tablettes is a destination of choice in the Neuchâtel mountains. Indeed, these rocks form a promontory at the entrance.

Mountain scenery[

The Sun Trail

The route presented here was in the past called “the South Ramp of the Lötschberg”. This route started from Hohtenn.

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