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Fourth day on foot from the Rhône to the Maggia

Last day in the footsteps of S. Corinna Bille.
According to her description, they followed the road to reach Cevio from Bosco/Gurin. Currently, a number of paths make it possible to avoid taking the road. It should be mentioned, however, that the right directions are not always easy to find. I experienced it in Cerentino, Collinasca and Linescio. In these villages, one really have to keep an eye on the map … otherwise you risk missing the start of the trail.
For the return trip, the protagonists had at their disposal the Valmaggina, a narrow gauge railway that ran through the Valle Maggia between Ponte Brolla and Bignasco. This line was abandoned in 1965 in favor of buses. There are still a few clearly visible relics: steel bridges at Visletto and Ponte Brolla, tunnel near Visletto and walls all along the valley.

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