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Tag: Chambrelien

Mountain scenery

Between Ponts-de-Martel and Chambrelien

This is a hike with beautiful contrasts and views that are as unusual as magnificent. Indeed, the bottom of the.

Mountain scenery

Along the Areuse

On that day, the weather forecast was not too bad. At the same time, for practical reasons, we had favored.

Mountain scenery

The boundary path of Meix Musy

Between the Col des Roches and the Brévine, the national border follows the ridge for a good length passing by.

Mountain scenery

The Path of the Statues and the Areuse Gorges

A little over two weeks ago, I hiked between La Sagne and Chambrelien via Mont Racine and Grande Sagneule. The.

Mountain scenery

Between the Vallée des Ponts and Chambrelien

I particularly appreciate the Mont Racine region, because there are beautiful views of the lakes, the Swiss Plateau and the.

Mountain scenery[

From Chambrelien to Ponts-de-Martel

Les Tablettes is a destination of choice in the Neuchâtel mountains. Indeed, these rocks form a promontory at the entrance.